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“In war-time, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies”. Winston Churchill

They say the world crashed and burned in 2003. They say the world as we knew it ended, that the reality war is over. Technocrats and their damned paradigm propaganda, they want the consenses to think the world got a reboot.. that thing’s are better now.. they Lied.

The world’s still here kid and so are the thing’s that have always lurked in the shadow’s. The only difference now is, the odd’s ain’t in our favor. There’s not too many of us left.

Even the Technocrats can’t deny paradox, backlash is a bitch, some of us like you and me still remember and know the truth. To them we’re just glitches in the system, reality deviant’s they like to call us. I prefer to think of us as Viral agent’s, give us enough time and we’ll take control of their whole damned system.

The name’s Decker, I’m one of the VA’s. I was out of the loop when the drek hit the fan. Don’t ask specific’s on how I avoided everything that went down, let’s just say Quantum science work’s and move on from there.

If you’ve found this uplink, odd’s are you still remember and that gives you an edge. Don’t blow it.

From data I’ve been able to collect their paradigm has cracks, it’s not perfect.

Main Page

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